MC 11000 Special Edition


"Everything you loved about the original and more"
The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition still has all the unique things you love about the the original: the i-height touchscreen, embroidery without a bulky attachment, and unmatched stitch quality. But now with features like the AcuFil Quilting System, you can do creative things that simply weren't possible before. Adjust your hoop position after you've started embroidery, change your speed during embroidery, store your designs directly from the machine to your PC and so much more. It's the perfect combination of innovation, precision and ease of use. Only from Janome.

Embroidered Jumper
Embroidered Kitchen Ensemble
Quilted Pillows
Special Edition appliqué Quilt
Sashiko Purse*
Tootsie Roll Bolster Pillow

I've heard that the Memory Craft Special Edition 11000 contains an AcuFil Quilting System. What exactly is that?

The AcuFil Quilting System is a complete quilting system incorporated into your embroidery machine. This system comprises 3 parts: Built-in Specialty quilting designs, the AcuFil calculator, and the AcuFil hoop and template.

The Special Edition offers 72 New Embroidery Designs for quilting, including 24 AcuFil quilting designs (4 Continuous Meandering Designs, 12 Combinable Stippling Shapes, and 8 Meandering Stippling Parts). You'll also find 24 quilting-inspired embroidery patterns in 3 styles.

The AcuFil Calculator makes it easy to create a quilt layout on the Special Edition. Simply put your dimensions into the calculator screen and the machine calculates your layout. Direct PC connection sends your design to your PC so that you can print your quilting template.

The New AcuFil AQ Hoop and Template provide 360¡ of versatility. This unique hoop, coupled with the AcuFil Template, allows for perfect placement of your quilting designs. And hooping quilt layers is easy with the AQ Hoop's special magnetic clamps.

New features included in Janome's optional Digitizer MB software complete the Quilting System.
Can I upgrade my existing Memory Craft 11000 to the new Special Edition?
Your Memory Craft 11000 can be upgraded to the Special Edition through a purchased upgrade kit. You can purchase this upgrade kit from your local Janome dealer. The kit contains an upgrade CD, the AcuFil Quilting Hoop and Template with six magnet holders, and the AcuGuide automatic cloth guide. The upgrade kit will contain the software necessary to provide the new features available on the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition, including Automatic Stippling in the Hoop, Enhanced Sewing Applications, Built-In Hand Look Quilting Stitches, 24 AcuFil Quilting Designs, and 24 3-part Embroidery Designs for Quilting.

Please note a second paid upgrade is required to allow your machine to perform the new jump stitch function. Your local Janome dealer must install the jump stitch upgrade, as this requires the addition of new mechanical parts. Contact your local Janome dealer for more details.

To upgrade your machine, you will need an ATA PC Card or USB Memory Key and a valid license key number (the license key is the 12 digit number on the outside of your upgrade CD).